Hello, I’m Vishal Patwa and welcome to Vishal Patwa’s Blog for maximum Google traffic; this is an exclusive presentation that I hope, you enjoy a lot of timing work has gone into this. I hope it helps you in your link building ranking higher on Google making more money from your website.

Let’s jump into it; what are we talking about how the same link can either harm or help you because before I dive into just giving you the raw links, you need to understand what makes a link work and why Google will reward certain links and penalize other links.

I’m going to go over quickly the new rules of link building. Then we’ll go over backlinks.

Backlinks and more backlinks, I hope you are excited we are going to talk about some links that power a giant site so you can see here an example of thudded. We have where the site has increased by a tremendous amount.

We are talking about double or traffic close to millions of visitors per month.

This is how powered by the links that we’ve been talking about also here’s another example this one’s really recent some of the links are we covering are also responsible for massive traffic spikes so if sometimes we start getting some really high quality links you’re going to see a really rapid and like significant traffic increase the other thing that I want to show you.


It is one of our members you know we’ve been applying these links for quite a while now, and I’m bringing you the new ones I’m also bringing you the ones I’ve been working all these years so these are links that are proven and here’s one remember.

I’m super proud of it what is it quadrupled his traffic recently, and so you know this is stuff that works this is stuff that I hope you’re excited about let’s jump right into it all right.

Here are the new rules of quality link building this is to make all your links effective now the major concept you need to know is that Google want the link to be for people and they don’t want you to be building links to manipulate rankings so if they find a link that is there and it determines to manipulate rankings they’re either going to ignore it or reduce your rankings so that’s really important what we want to do is we want to build as many what I call good natural links as possible so sometimes links might take a little longer but they’re worth it because if you build a link and it takes let’s say it only takes like a minute or two minutes but it provides zero value you’ve essentially wasted two minutes one of the sayings of my grant and my great-grandmother was like she used to say the most expensive food is the food that you don’t eat so if you buy food and you don’t you throw it out that’s the most expensive food because you’re essentially getting no value out of it same thing goes for link building if you’re going to build links build good links because if you build links that Google ignores they’re worthless right you’ve just wasted your time so how does Google check for relevance that’s really the most important thing of all these concepts Google checks for relevance in a very simple way they look at a major a few like a few elements and if you have those then you’re all good to go so whenever you’re building links you want to make sure your links are coming from places with relevant titles so if you’re trying to build a dog biscuit page then try to get links from other dog sites to have a dog in that title somewhere that’s really going to go a long way to making your link more powerful and more relevant the next thing is going to be having relevant sub-headlines sometimes you’re going to have an article on pets but then maybe within that article on pet, you can have a sub-section called dogs and then right underneath there you could have your dog bistec biscuit link that’s really the subheadline give you additional relevance the next thing around that is going to be to have relevant video sound or photos or images for instance that’s probably the most popular one and last but certainly not least is google loves to have relevant internal and external links so that are those are the elements that Google looks for whenever they’re saying a is this page relevant to this other page and if both pages are relevant then your link will be great in Google eyes and if they’re not well we’re going to have a few issues so for instance look if you have two dogs two pages about dogs you have one that’s about dogs and there’s a link and it says the link anchor text says click here if both pages are related that works right and makes sense and that is good however if it says click here but then once on home renovation and the other one is on dogs that’s where things get kind of iffy right that’s why some generic text could actually work out really well if it’s coming from a related place now here’s a big thing if you only have one or two pages that are completely unrelated that’s perfectly fine where it starts to get iffy is when the majority of your pages are unrelated so excessive unrelated topics link each other creates trust issues so don’t worry about you know only one or two or three or whatever like pages linking to you it’s really the bulk of it so you want to do this right the most of the time you always what you mostly want to have relevant links if you get a few that aren’t relevant don’t worry about it too much all right here is a ninja trick for instant relevance and this is really cool nearly no one does this so here it is if a page seems limited in terms of content you could often make it more relevant by adding incredibly long comment so what you’re essentially doing is you’re changing the ratio of text so you can make almost any page relevant so if you’re leaving a comment link for instance or you’re leaving essentially on any page that has page views that has rankings that is relevant to you what you could do is you could change the relevance of that page by adding an incredibly long comment so for instance if the original documentation the original page are you getting the link on only has 300 words if you come in and you add a comment that is equals as another 300 words what you’ve essentially done is now you’ve altered the ratio and the relevance of that page because you have 300 words on let’s say bananas and you got 300 words about dogs so when Google crawls a page you’re going to pick up the comment and they’re also going to pick up the main content another state of all this page is about dogs and bananas for some reason and now you have two pages about dogs there for you getting instant relevance so I hope you can see how this could be useful how you could transform essentially almost any page into a relevant page you get your backlink from that by adding incredibly long piece of content that alters the ratio of text in your favor so the next thing is going to be rich content you want to surround yourself with quality content because the idea is is really simple if Google doesn’t trust the content it won’t trust the link make sense right if you are using duplicate content and it’s crappy spun stuff Google doesn’t even trust the content they’re not going to trust the links it’s really that so what you want is you want original content you want a minimum of 450 words a minimum of one relevant link minimum of one sub headline in one minimum of one relevant image on that page they’re kind of like a bare bone page and if you have that then Google will trust your link and if you don’t for instance example on the Left it’s just spun content with just tags and all that and links Google doesn’t trust that then just completely ignore that and we’ve actually done a case study on testing those pages and it turns out that hey those pages Google finds the links it finds them but it just doesn’t give you the ranking value that you want on the other hand if you get a real article and you get some good on-page and does Google does reward that and it also comes in all shapes and forms right so even a YouTube video it does have those elements it does have the original video it does have original text it does have original related links ik it these good pages take all shapes and forms most of the time it’s really obvious when you just have spun crappy content and those are pages that Google finds but they ignore and it doesn’t give you ranking benefits all right number three referral traffic so are people using your links now Google owns everything pretty much they own Chrome Android Google Analytics Google tag manager the open Teague Public DNS AdWords Adsense and in their privacy policy they say hey we collect click data so Google is checking to see if and what people are clicking and if your Klink’s are getting clicked they are essentially getting validated if you and now this is for the bulk of you if you have a thousand links and none of them are going click that kind of raises a red flag if you get a thousand links and maybe 500 are getting click or 200 or getting clicked then you should still be in the green Google really is forgiving on this but they are still making sure that hey these are not all links that are getting manipulated the best links honestly are the ones that are producing referral traffic so you can see inside your referrals like hey am I getting any referral traffic if yes awesome if no if by getting referral traffic you’re usually going to end up with better rankings so this is one of the first places I go and check to see hey are my links working are they not and you don’t need a massive amount of traffic like you don’t need 18,000 people coming from reddit you just need a few right so you can scroll down take a look at the last month hey how is my referral traffic doing and when you’re building links in a room we’re going to get into links and very shortly when we’re building those links we’re going to try to make those links as clicked as possible so that’s really a big shift tweet you know back like a few years most people you would be used to do is it used to hide their links inside the text in fact that’s still a very really know proficient like way of link building people are trying to hide your link so on the right hand side you can see that’s not really ideal this would have been done maybe in 2016 2015 and so forth where people are writing a bit article and they’re kind of like hiding the links inside the text so no one really notices that that is there oh it’s for SEO purposes the new way of link building is going to be the one example on the left where you have you promote that word you promote that anchor text you want it to be clicked so this is the literally county one of the best drones click on that anchor text and give me my rankings right that’s how you should be thinking about it now don’t high your anchor text be proud of your anchor text and show it and Google will see that people are clicking on it and you will rank higher so last but certainly not least is you want power so you want your links to have links now depending on where you place your a link on that website or where your link is ranking you’re going to get more or less value now I actually have case studies and ranking recipes inside traffic research so if you get links from other places and you could get pages ranking really quickly so if you get links from those pages but essentially what you want to know is where is it on the site so if you’re getting um if you’re getting a link from lifehack if that lifehack page has been on the homepage or it’s been linked to from the home page you’re going to get a lot of links a lot of juice and a lot of power however if you get a link and it’s a profile link that’s deep and buried and no one’s ever seen it and it you know it’s a link that’s kind of like hidden deep being a in a site then that link won’t pass the same amount of power as if it was featured on the home page or you know linked to from an article on a home page you always want to be conscious of this because this is one of the most the biggest factors that will determine whether you succeed or not in your rankings so what you want is you want your link page which is the one in the green in the middle to have internal links from that site wherever you’re getting your link from and even external links if possible and usually the golden rule is the more internal links you could get the more powerful your backlink will be now to get internal links usually you just need to use the site now here is a pro tip on forums the more you post the more backlinks will get back to your profile so essentially if you’re an active floor forum user every single time you post something you get a link back right you get an internal link back to your profile and then you’re going to get you’re going to build up your profile and build up your profile and you’re going to get links from all over the place all over the site so building up internal links is one of those things that a lot of people miss so whenever people are spamming and are getting all these links likes it from YouTube from like a tumblr or like all these sites what they forget to do is forget to you create a real user that’s actually going to use the site and they don’t build up that internal juice if they did build up that internal juice they would see much better results so using tags using this and an interacting inside the site helps to build up that page so we actually have a video dedicated to this inside traffic research how to find the most powerful internal pages and how to get links back from them to build up all your links so if you’re interesting check that out all right so now I hope you’re excited we’re going to go back links backlinks and more backlinks that Google absolutely loves so starting off you could be a videographer like I mentioned this already but videos are amazing they are the way of the future and when you are a videographer you can upload your video on YouTube start your YouTube page on the about page is where your power link is going to be because that’s usually where you accumulate the most amount of juice and you could have links though those links actually do power up your rankings right they will help so that is a first one or first places you want to start same video you could use it on v-mail v-mail on the about page of your channel is what I call your power links you can have relevant content there and you could have power links here I have an example of like my panda breakthrough and my recovering from Google penalties those are my power links and you know what there do follow you could also have a link on dailymotion which is another giant video site you can find it in the find me elsewhere that’s going to be your power link now we also have twitch TV which is becoming quickly one of the biggest websites in the world and every single time you stream if you have a power link in your info video that’s going to create a new link so if you have a stream that going on and off on and off pretty much every single day or every single you know a few days every single time there’s a stream it’s giving you a new backlink as long as you have your URL inside your info page so that is really another way and you could build relevance by having relevant images in there and relevant text so you can get yourself some you can give yourself essentially some relevant images every single time you stream now flicker a lot of people think of it as like the image central but hey you could have videos too you have beautiful link surrounding in your descriptions and profile pages so that is another very high authority and Trust page that Google will look at and say hey look they have a picture of a dog right in front and then there’s a link to a dog biscuit right that is kind of like the relevant link that you’re giving yourself and coming from Flickr that is a site to Google trust and the best thing is if you have a good page on Flickr people are also going to click on it and then get that referral traffic I talked about see how it’s all coming together you have some relevant content relevant pictures with relevant referral traffic on a major website google loves that all right keeping keeping that going you have a Ustream TV which is in your about page you could also have a link and there’s the less-known tune with that pkware on your about page you could also have a link now this site is growing but the reason I’m including is because low competition right now not many people are doing that one so moving on you could be a photographer I’ve already mentioned Flickr but on the video side you could also use Flickr on the photography side but if you are a photographer there’s a little loophole here where you could become a photographer and get links from all these other major websites as long as you’re registered as a photographer that is selling his photography you could quote-unquote sell your pictures on iStockphoto shutterstock dream times calm and unsplash and then include a link back to your website so those are most I think most of them are follow links from these major websites so become a photographer sell your stock photography and include a link and of course make those pictures relevant and include a link back to your main site on your profile page so these are amazing places to get relevant links and people are going to click on that too so hope you’re enjoying this so far now moving on you could be a talk-show host or a DJ iTunes on apple.com who doesn’t want to link from a from Apple right you have a link with your podcast so start a podcast and the other thing is you could also upload them using I do go that could actually create an automatic podcast for you that’s about a little bit more advanced but look into it we could also have SoundCloud now SoundCloud is one of my favorite websites I use it almost every single day because they have amazing music it’s also one of the biggest and most powerful ones where if you post your sound clips you can have links back from there you can also have use Mixcloud where you sign up you post sound clips and then you could add a link to your profile now remember make sure to interact with people to build internal links and build relevance and then you can get a link back from there you can also be a music expert maybe you’re not uploading music right maybe you just want to comment on stuff well pure volume com if you create a real profile you could include backlinks back to your site in there and if you are inactive users people are going to come in it they’re probably going to click on it so that is another great place you could use sound click calm which is kind of the same idea and except there you could create an account and sell your music if you sell music back so kind of like the photographer idea but you’re selling music then you could have a link back to your website and that is another up-and-coming growing website alright so now the other category is going to be talkative this one is a little different it’s one of my favorite ones it’s discuss calm now you create an account at discuss calm and then you go to Google and you type discuss and then whatever keyword you want you’re going to find tons and tons of articles with discussed comments what you do inside is you’re leaving long natural comment and then inside as a source kind of like a new reference whatever back site you want so let’s I’m talking about dog biscuits I’ll say hey look I found these amazing dog biscuits my my dog you didn’t you know you used to hate eating but biscuits but now he loves these this is the one I found and then you kind of like finish off this comment so it looks natural looks like a real user and you put it on a related page these will pass a lot of referral traffic so a lot of people click on these links because people trust disgust and on top of that you can have a link back to your website the next thing is Ted Ted calm Ted TED Talks who hasn’t seen a TED talks one of the biggest websites in the world and your profile can have links now what I do and this is gonna be my ninja trick is I have a link inside in my profile on my TED talks I also have a little description about me on my ted profiles I have relevant texts around my link right that’s one of the keys and then what I do is I siphon all the juice from Ted talk and I go to all the major TED Talks all the most popular ones and I leave comments so that transfers internal juice from all the biggest pages on TED Talks transfers it to my profile page which then out goes back to my page right so people are going to first of all click on your comment let’s see what you’re about I’ve had people comment and find me on TED talk say hey I really enjoy your comment and I follow you around I like this stuff happens when you’re interacting on the web people if you say interesting things people will find you alright the next thing and this kind of goes hand in hand is be talkative reddit as you saw with my 18,000 a back referral traffic screenshot is a great play date place to get links and actual just drive direct traffic so now a lot of people don’t realize you could actually leave links within comments well even with a specific anchor text inside reddit so first you create a username become a user then find a relevant topic or with a call subreddit and then whenever there’s discussions just leave a good comment and then people will click and upload so here’s an example right below you have a YouTube video inside so people are guarantee you people are clicking on that YouTube video and if it has you know if it’s been uploaded to the top comment you probably have had maybe 10,000 people click on that YouTube video so that that is a great way of getting links and traffic back to any place that you want the next thing is going to be starting a community groups Yahoo com who doesn’t want a link from Yahoo start a group set a link in the main profile page and essentially just start trying to populate and get that group active and you’re going to get a link back from groups Yahoo calm the next place you can start a community is wikia so Wikia is a little less known but you can start a community around almost any subject and include a link back on in the sub pages so not on the main page but on the sub pages you could have links back from WIC yeah it’s a great place to get linked very authoritative and you know that’s just that’s what we’re after right and also make sure they’re all relevant so whenever you’re starting that group make it relevant we’re starting that community on wikia make it relevant to your topic next thing Pinterest now if you’re into social media Pinterest you already know about it Pinterest is one of the most active places on the net I believe it is a social network that is absolutely exploded over past few years and the more main profile page is going to be what I call your power link that’s all every single time you post something on Pinterest you get a bit more internal juice back to your main profile page not only that but all you could get links back from the pin so if your pins getting share and you’re going to pins all over the place you’re getting a ton of links back and a ton of traffic back one of the if you’re an e-commerce or you’re doing anything that has to do with women’s anything you need to be using Pinterest that is one of the best sources for links and referral traffic next thing moving on to twitter twitter has a deal with google they’re integrating one with the other end the main profile page is going to be your pay your power link so typically the one the place that has the most juice is going to be your main profile page make sure to put your link in there but in only that each in the individual tweet can have its own impact on the rankings now of course you need to be a real user you need to have influence you want people to be clicking your your tweets whenever you tweet and remember main profile page so if you have a web project make sure you get a twitter associated that with that it’s going to help you out after that we have reddit now I already mention reddit in the comments but this is read it in the sense of starting a community you could start your own relevant subreddit and put all your links in the sidebar so when you start your own subreddits let’s say I want to start a dog biscuit subreddit I could do that then I could have links inside the sidebar of the my subreddit and I control it so I could post as many links as I want inside and I also have permalinks because every single time someone posts in that subreddit is going to give me one additional link back to my page this is a great place I honestly think it’s under use it’s one of the most powerful like things you could do and yeah encourage you to do it so moving on Google+ still exists yes people still use it and because Google owns it they give special priority to those Google+ pages and those Google+ like up votes or votes or whatever it does still impact the rankings until I think a Google eliminates Google+ it’s still going to have a place is still warrants being there we also have stumble upon where you it is a great place to generate a traffic to a website if your page is good stumble upon could send like 20,000 people that are like in it in a single day it’s crazy what you want is you want to get people to like your page and then what happens is there are scraper sites that will scrape the stumble upon top sites so if you are one of the top sites on stumble upon then you’re going to get a ton of little smaller backlinks so it’s kind of like an indirect backlink building tool but it is worth doing if you have a really good page if people are going to like a lot and then you have VK which is the Russian Facebook now because it’s a Russian Facebook Google’s doesn’t care right it doesn’t know or doesn’t discriminate it’s like hey you are a giant website and you’re giving a link back in the links you get a link back on your profile page so if you can have a link on Facebook might as well have one on vk.com as well moving on we have tumblr now tumblr everyone knows somewhere at this point you have a link on your main page you can have as many links as you want you comment inside the community and grow your page with internal links so it’s not enough to just have a tumblr page and then just have a link there you want to have a tumblr page that is connected with the rest of the community to build up your internal juice and that’s when things get really powerful next we have myspace have you forgotten about MySpace I did for a while until I was going over some links and I saw that hey I had a mad space link myspace is still one of the biggest websites at least you know in the stop it was in top thousand show biggest websites it’s had its day where it was one of the big ones that had us fall but the juice is still there right my space is still my space you probably already have a profile from back in the day and you might have forgotten that you could just open up your profile basically make it slightly relevant and then just add a link back in there and then you essentially have a link back from MySpace so that is a great place a lot of people have forgotten and it would only take a few seconds to you know get back and you know into your old account and then get yourself a link back from MySpace all right moving on being graphic now if you are either your graphic person yourself or you could hire someone to make graphics for you you want to go to visual dolly the slash view there you could sign up and you’re essentially signing up as a freelancer you create images or video and then you could add your sources as links so that’s a great place to get links you go to Storify Storify is a collection of stories it’s new it’s growing quickly and then your links can be references so as seen on and you link back to your website behance net I think it’s owned by Adobe now is a great place to get a link you create portfolio with your site you create a even put relevant content on there connect yourself with other users for a massive internal juice and you have a nice beautiful backlink from Behance net and then you get a bout me calm know just about dot me where you create a portfolio of your sites and you get links back from there super easy now if you want one of the things I’ve been doing is I’ve been creating infographics now infographics I’ve done some off up work for like thirty four dollars and actually the one on the right the infographic that you see on some and on the right the DJI phantom4 I got that done I think for 32 or 34 dollars then what you do is once you have that infographic go and just distribute it to all these sites like submitting them for got a cool infographic just submit your infographic there and you’re going to go and get a massive and amount of backlinks back to any website that you want so that is another cool way of getting backlinks next you can start a fan club groups Diigo comm slash index so you create a profile with a link and then you create a group and posts and for more relevant links so now you don’t want to spend this site they are very they’re going to pay attention to it but as long as you doing it in a natural way and you’re contributing in it to the community you’re going to get some mass some great backlinks back and of course how could I forget starting a fan club on Facebook Google is crawling the pages on Facebook and if you have a good fan club and a link inside your official Facebook page that counts so make sure you don’t forget that one it’s an easy one to get most people have this one so I kind of saved it for the bad at the end of the social part but make sure you get that that is a link that does count towards you alright next this is getting a bit more technical but a bit more awesome as well github calm if you create a programming project and then inside you have a readme file what they do is they kind of convert that readme file into a readable links file so you could create a readme file and then have links back to your website inside and you have relevant content so try avoiding spamming this site this is kind of like a sacred site for programmers don’t like make this legit but if you have a project on let’s say dogs and because you have a dog calculator or something like that and then you can have a link back and you read me that hey this was created for this website and that will give you a link so I’m just giving you some creative ideas of how you could not spam but be natural and actually have a project on there but then also have a link might as well you know get the best of both worlds next you could curate content so you can go to scoop IP and what you do is use curate a bunch of relevant content together take all this content on your topic and then include your own content for backlinks so you mix and match a bunch of content from the web and then you’re going to be essentially just giving yourself backlinks by just pulling content so that’s a quick and easy way of getting a lot of good content together and mixing your own inside and get yourself some backlinks the same idea applies to Flipboard so if you go to about Flipboard column slash tools you create a personalized Flipboard and include relevant content including your own inside of there so the better flip boards and this is kind of like the secret salsa this is you want to create a really good Flipboard so it gets featured and gets more traction and get with more internal links and then it is more powerful so that’s that’s the key as you know we’ve been going over its taquito it to everything alright now this is going to be if you’re in advance industry visit this is definitely more advanced but you could hire someone to write academic paper or sponsor academic papers or contribute the academic papers and then you could get yourself some edgy links and you get some yourself some very very very powerful gov and edge you like so the easy one is going to be academia edgy you sign up and you have your own link inside a profile and you have your own link inside research papers now if you’re a Springer then you have education publications and these are legitimate educational publications now not everyone’s going to be able to get there but I want to show you the door so here’s the front door if you are in an industry where this can apply that’s the front door to get in and that is the front door where you get yourself some really insane backlinks a some industry I’m working with some people and men that that is that that leads to many many many extremely high powerful it’s like else you’re I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it properly but that is another place where this kind of giving you the front door to where you want to go if you want to submit content that is going to be scientific papers and hats no cool okay the next thing is going to be contributing to humankind so kind of a funny title but Wikipedia calm the links matter so either you can start by fixing Wikipedia entries building you up your authorship or sometimes you can hire people that are already Wikipedia experts to go and add references with your papers so you want to reference your sites as you know references that will give you a link back next thing is going to be so full wiki org now kind of like Wikipedia but with less competition so you know it’s easier to get into then you go wikiHow which really is kind of like a commercial wiki but you can also create content and have links inside there as references so that’s another place that you go to to get what I would call a wiki link although the wiki house it’s commercial all right the next thing and we know we talked about this briefly with github is that you could create and distribute software now there’s a ton of sites that will accept yourself to where and every single time they accept your software they will give you a link back so if you’re creating a dog diet weight calculator for instance let’s say your dog needs to go on a diet I’m going to say on that same topic then you create a calculator that will like track your dog’s weight or whatever and then you could upload it to all these websites and then have a link back to whatever website you want now the typical the old-school way of doing it was like a screen savers right people would just take a bunch of pictures create a screen so everyone ‘angels uploaded there some of them still accepted some of them are like nuh nuh no more screen savers because they were very low quality but for a very small amount of money you typically get some educational software sometimes I get tutorials educational software calculators sometimes screen savers in your industry very easy to create and then you get a major a ton of really good backlinks from major websites these are some of the biggest websites on the internet right now and they will link back to you and on top of that you get referral click traffic if your application actually does something so that is a great way of getting another huge handful of links moving on this one is kind of a personal favorite it is a little trickier but it’s not once you just know once you’ve done one the next time is actually really easy you create a scholarship page on your site and set up a real scholarship now if you disclaimer that come with this where you need to proper the proper laws and registration guidelines you need to set up a proper scholarship I think there’s people that check to make sure hey there is there’s a scholarship that had has been given out but then if you do have a real scholarship you can contact the following universities and you just need to tell them hey we have a scholarship we’re offering this do you want to add to your page and they will they’re going to add your scholarship up with a bunch of other scholarships on your page you’re going to get yourself a ton of dot edu links this is a great way to power up and give your site a lot of authority really quickly is to have scholarship pages alright moving on there’s this technique I have called the clueless internet user approach essentially you’re pretending to have no clue what you’re doing you’re kind of going around the web clueless but you’re getting results so what you can do is you could request help on some of the world’s biggest websites and when you do that you can build relevance to your site and have a bad thing that doesn’t appear spammy so for instance you could go to WordPress and just ask for help hey man I’m having the problem on my on my web page it keeps dumping saying I’m have this bug can you check it out my websites over here I tried doing this and this it’s just not working can you anyone help me out and if you play the clue series that user you’re going to get links back to your website in a very natural and innocent-looking way moving on you could also use help calm to ask for help that is another place where you get link the site point calm slash forms site point does SEO I they might even share this video hopefully or maybe not I don’t know but that is another place where you could play the clueless user and get help fast and rapidly and even on Google you could go to groups of Google com slash forum and there’s a bunch of forum so I’m gonna give you one as an example the Feedburner former but for a feedburner forum where you could ask for help you post links and then if it’s a forum that’s not moderated a lot the links will stay there for a super super long time and you get links back from essentially Google back your website next thing is most people that are doing internet stuff can have a website have purchased a theme somewhere most of the time if you’re getting it especially from a big theme that theme is going to have a support area and sometimes those support areas could have huge amount of juice so you go there and you get a link back from let’s say DIY themes was one of the places where you get a lot of juice back from posting a question there and saying hey my website I bought your theme is not working properly what can I do and I’m trying to build my site on dogs right cool moving on you could actually get one from Mozilla now this one’s a little more a little trickier but if you submit a technical help or you have a specific problem where you submit a bug you for an example of where you used it and I include your site that will be a link back from Mozilla you can do the same thing or very similar with Joomla org now but be honest if you have a wordpress site and you’re asking for help on Joomla it’s going to look a little weird they might think you’re drinking like the funny juice but if you do have a Joomla site this might be a prime place for you your link all right moving on you could not only ask for help but you could provide help so if you want a link from Microsoft then you could sign up as a collaborator if you go to answers on microsoft.com slash yen – US sign up as a collaborator and then participate in Microsoft’s help community so you could start by answering innocent questions and answer questions that are related to whatever topic you want and if you inside those answers you could actually get do follow links so do following back from Microsoft not too bad you could provide a company overview now there’s a funny story I found this one by accident because we’re working on some private using Trello for a long time a lot of people have been it’s a great like kind of project management one and when I was going over to my backlinks I noticed that we accidentally made one from Trello because we said one of the boards to public and then we had a link back and I was like oh that’s kind of cool and then it was then I went to my profile and there’s a do follow links to Trello is one of the up-and-coming it is a huge website and you get links back you even specify your anchor text using the syntax kind of bracket anchor text and you put your url there so you create a card it’s free to sign up you create a card you make it public you get a link back from there and you can also get a do follow link back inside your profile so awesome place to get a link don’t abuse this one this is a it’s a real company right like I use Trello on a daily basis this is stuff that that’s cool but if you are creating a project you have a lot of people working on there you include public cards make it and get yourself some links it’s a great place to get links cool the next thing is you could help reporters Harel calm it’s been around for a long time still works if you sign up you can receive three emails per day from journalists that are looking for help for writing articles every single time you help you successfully help reporter you essentially get a link back from with an article so for instance I got a link back from CIO which is a giant website because some guy asked the question I was like oh well here’s your answer right super easy takes a few seconds and you get some amazing links back from giant publications same idea is essentially a copy that response source com another place you could become a source and help journalist and when you help them they give you a link back same thing at PR Newswire Netcom slash profinet same thing for source bottles you go to source bottle you click be a source and then you help journalists and bloggers and same thing for media Kitty where they’re you’re helping brand and you’re helping journalist is slightly different but it essentially it’s the same idea these are all places you essentially go and you just help people out and then when you help them to give your legs back awesome bill right cool moving on another place to get backlinks is going to be to submit your press releases so instead of like helping the journalist now you’re kind of giving something to journalists right when you’re submitting a press release try to submit either try to submit something that’s going to get picked up so sales and discounts are going to get picked up a lot by major discount sites there’s tons of like coupon and discount sites if you put out press release with the discount it’s going to get picked up by so many places the next thing is going to be world first whenever I’m cleaning a press release I like to do something that’s never been done in the world before that typically gets picked up by a lot of journalists great place to get links technical achievements so if you’ve done something that no one else has been have ever done before or you have stats that you know that are far and Beyond we did one in the computer industry where we had achievements that like other people hadn’t done before and results of studies those also get picked up quite a lot like they’ll get quoted by a lot of places where I typically go for my press releases I go to PR web and I go to PR Newswire comm there are many other places however I like to make sure that my press releases are going to get into the hands of real journalists I’m not just going for the syndication I’m trying to get my story picked up so that’s kind of why I go to explain moving on you can become an author so becoming an author is one of the easiest ways to get yourself on to major websites so you go to the conversation column slash become an author Forbes you could become an author you like you like data entrepreneur type form Inquisitor technically cult box and so many other places even the life hack you become a contributor and here are the exact links to go and apply and become a contributor and when you’re a contributor you could essentially just go and write your own article and get your link back inside now they don’t want you expressively the links back to your website however if you have a link inside that is relevant it makes sense right so if you have a specific talent you have a skill in some industry go on a book become a announcer and you solve some links from some of the biggest websites in the world the next thing is if you don’t want to become an author you can just find already exists like pre-existing authors so you can actually go to Fiverr and search for guest posts and you’re going to find a bunch of authors you can also go to upwork where you can look for people look doing guest posts you can find authors there people per hour is another place to get guest posts concur and mention it all these places can have people that are doing guest posts to focus on getting high quality guest posts on established websites and yes they will cost more than if you did it yourself that’s for sure but they are worth that guest posts are one of the best places and best links you currently get because they’re going to get yourself are you going to get you on high quality traffic websites that in those links are really going to make a significant difference in your Google success so getting authors to write for you is one of the best ways to rank on Google these days all right moving on you could get done for you outreach experts so this is kind of like the higher up level where you could get services that will get authors that will get a guest post for you so is essentially all you need to do here is you don’t need to find the author you don’t even need to find the page you just tell them what you want to do you tell them hey I want links guest post links here and then you can go and do it for you so there’s three places that I typically use this by rank there’s the hot and there’s Fat Joe so positive rank if you want their backdoor entrance I do get a cut from that is Posey crying calm slash Eric but you do save 50% on you entry fees so that’s good right the one I use the only thing I use is going to be the DEA 40-plus guest books if you go to they have the hot pretty much the same thing it’s da 40 guest post that’s what I use there and Fat Joe that’s do you want the da 40 Plus premium sites that’s what you want to go and get when you’re using there those are all going to get you some guest posts on some high quality web sites and that are really going to power you up so those are always going to be a lot more expensive this is probably like the highest tier where you just essentially outsourcing but if you have a clients if you have a lot of web projects and you need to get let’s say a hundred links done within a few days this is the way to do it right you’re not going to start doing it all by yourself this is the way to scale things really quickly so moving on if you want you could be a good Samaritan so essentially what I’m talking about is donation a lot of places even notice been frowned upon by Google there’s a lot of places where you go and you can give a donation and they will give you a link back to your website so these are only some of the websites that I found and these are some of the bigger websites just put it that way like Apache zorga right that’s the giant website a PHP my admin if you do any any web stuff you’re going to know it one of the biggest websites in the world a creative commons you can give donation and get a link back depending on the donations now some of the donations you’re going to need are quite hefty and other ones are a lot smaller so this is are some of the best places to get donations and getting link back from your donation moving on we have the ability to host events now you can set up an event about whatever topics you want that’s always the beauty of it where you’re getting some relevancy there one of the place best places is Eventbrite calm you set up an account you host a free event far in the future so it doesn’t expire and inside you could include links to your event page and on in your bio you have meetup comm where you can create an event and include links back as the sponsors and you have me to ooh that I owe you Queen event include links back and make your event relevant to whatever you want now as a bonus depending on the industry you’re in sometimes you can actually host the real event have the event go through and you could you know make local sales so if you were running a local shop that sells maybe dog apparel dog business or whatever you can have a real event for dog lovers and you can sell us up there too so it’s kind of like a two-fold winning thing marketing strategy where you’re not only getting SEO benefits and you’re knotting me only getting publicity but you could actually host a real event and sell some of your products and promote yourself that way so really a win-win here moving on we have certificates as certifications and reviews now the bbb.org so many horror stories so many good stories but hey it’s a link backs right so you get a link back from them Yelp comm also a place that we’ll be linking back google.com slash business if you want to get a Google listing that could help you Yahoo local listings and also one you know it’s recently coming to spotlight DMCA comm if you apply for a badge you will get links back from DMCA comm can help you out moving on we have publishing presentations you can publish at scribbs so gals like a keynote or presentation or anything with that you could publish stuff at script calm and then you have links within your presentations and those links can be clickable same thing you could create a dog stock Google calm you can make it public share with people and then you will have links and Google will find those links inside your your Google dog and they will count them so that’s really kind of a cool place you could actually even get stuff indexed by doing that SlideShare comm net so share your document links inside author stream your issue where you share your PDF and make sure the links are clickable inside your PDF and you got speaker Dexcom same concept your sharing of presentation and our links inside the profile and I inside the presentation the next thing is guides so if you go to guides do you create a guide and you conclude reference link inside so here you can see one goes like I’m pregnant and they’re like check out pregnant chicks become I don’t know but you get links inside by creating guides right essentially create a relevant guide on whatever topic you have make it a good guide and it’s actually going to do very fairly well in there it’s going to get a lot of internal links you’re going to get a lot of it you’re probably going to get a little decent amount of traffic but if you have a good guide on your topic so it could be source of real visitors real traffic and also a good backlink at the same time finally you got questions and answers these are these actually were really popular a little while ago they’ve kind of gone down but they’re still a really good source of backlinks you got as Villa Amazon calm you answers that you Yahoo calm kora blurred it and fluoride essentially the thing is creating a crate a question based on whatever you want and then answer it and you could have links inside the answers sometimes you have links between inside the questions too but most of the time the links going to be inside the answers and a lot of people will follow that link whenever they are looking for that question and the best thing is those questions can rank they can give you a lot of referral traffic if that question is ranking as well so I hope you like this I mean for every single site I’ve mentioned there’s hundreds more just like them these are links that are provide result and if you want you can actually download this entire list below this video in PDF format for future reference remember it’s how you make that link so and this is stuff that works I mean I use this up every single day so on the left-hand side you can see I’m out ranking Samsung for their own product right and on the right hand side it’s kind of like the reports of a we’ve done 1.4 million dollars in sales from the stuff that we teach inside traffic research so it’s not I’m not actually making claims here I can’t predict whatever results you’re going to have I can’t predict your income or control what you do so results are not typical but I want to show you the reason I’m showing you this is to tell you that this is not just like random theory this is proven stuff stuff that I do every single day how the traffic research members do every single day and get great success so if you’re even remotely interested check out traffic research we have tons of success stories inside we got tons of members that are getting amazing success I even have interviews with some of them we’re inside we share what really worked and key updating it with the best stuff or that works to produce results for affiliates for e-commerce for service web sites essentially information websites any website you have this is how to rank on Google you know the best and for the quickest and also for the least amount of money so we have tons of ranking recipes and sizes not only to have the links because you find out you’re going to go and be like oh let me create every single link you want to put a special combination of Link’s together so these are the recipes I have case studies and I have recipes of how to put those links together and the on-page and everything together so you get the best result in the least amount of time so all these things are covered inside traffic research if you’re even remotely interested check out my traffic research com and inside we do have you know read about us, we have a membership now in order to preserve our ranking secrets we only allow registration a few times years and we have a very limited amount of spot that is preserves kind of an exclusivity of it and also it preserves our ranking seekers what we do is we always give priority to wait list so if you remotely interested join the rate list the wait list is absolutely free you’re not committing to anything you just put your name if you’re interested and those people on the wait list typically will get first access whenever it is open so my traffic research is where I hope to see you my name is Vishal Patwa I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I will talk to you soon happy ranking on Google guys.

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